This plus Infinity! Modern SUV’s are literally no more than jacked up sedans and hatchbacks the new explorer is based on the Taurus, the Cherokee on an Alfa Romeo etc. etc. My mums 85 Country squire was more of an SUV than these! » 5/05/15 11:48am Yesterday 11:48am

As much as I am pretty against against almost all new cars, save few, this car really peaks my interest. I don’t think any automaker has a better lineup right now. All of Jags offerings are knockouts! I think if there was a car that would replace the AU market FPV falcon on my want list, this is it. » 4/30/15 3:02pm 4/30/15 3:02pm

I want none of the technology in my cars , no Wifi , no internet , no screens , no airbags I fully capable of parallel parking on my own, I know how to turn my head so I don’t need backup cameras or sensors, I like to maintain awareness of my surroundings instead of my phone so I don’t need the car to brake for me. I… » 4/23/15 10:55am 4/23/15 10:55am

Hey Oppo! look what I bought last night! 

Hey, its been too long opponaughts! But I bought myself a thing last night and wanted to share. Its am 84' 528e. its my first standard and my first German. Runs and drives good, little crusty around the creases but nothing serious, many, many, many miles. First to guess how much I payed gets a treat. Also… » 4/15/15 8:31am 4/15/15 8:31am

I have had this same experience looking at mustangs and challengers so many times I have lost Count. I’ve test driven Audis, Porches , Jaguars and Merc’s with no issues even at 20 years old looking like I just walked off the beach homeless and every time being treated very respectfully. However, when I got my first… » 4/10/15 3:26pm 4/10/15 3:26pm

The automatic transmission. While we praise the holiness that is the three pedal configuration not every situation is prime for rowing your own gears. If your average drive is the 12 mile 2 hour commute on Rt.128 having an automatic can be a real leg saver. » 4/10/15 11:55am 4/10/15 11:55am

Not to mention we are basically just shipping our pollution to China with in the form of battery manufacture. The amount of waste and pollution that is created making batteries in for these hybrids and electric cars, never mind the useless electronics we are stuff in all new cars. There was an article on BBC late last… » 4/08/15 9:38am 4/08/15 9:38am

Fantastic! I couldn’t have said it better myself. As a life long New Englander its sad to see the direction that peoples attitiudes have taken. I remember the winters in the early 90’s where we saw just as much snow fall and it was a treat and the norm. now people have been spoiled and become lazy. » 4/06/15 10:57am 4/06/15 10:57am

The cheapest is most likely going to be a Corvette but for sake of crazy, I’m going to throw one of my favorite batshit ideas out there. I would take a salvage second generation Ford Fusion shell and mix with the power train from a salvage 5.0 coyote mustang with a fair amount of HP additives. The sleek economical… » 4/03/15 10:58am 4/03/15 10:58am